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Acronis True Image 2017‎

Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office 2017 is a software that makes backup copies in the cloud, in some external storage or in both, in a scheduled or manual way, in order not to lose your data in case of a breakage of your equipment or by accidental deletions or of viruses.

The first thing I have to say is that, although I already knew it, I have been impressed again with this product that is worth more than what it costs. Yes, it seems that I am starting from the end but… don't panic, I will present all the data below so that you can draw your own conclusions.


Acronis True Image 2017

Available Apps


For starters, it's better than any simple cloud copy solution, as Acronis 2017 with its Dual Protection™ allows you to recover your data both from the cloud and from your external drive or NAS and also, new to this version, backs up security of the mobiles you have and your Facebook wall.


Acronis True Image 2017

Main features of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office 2017

All the functions that we have available are managed from a simple and intuitive interface focused on both mouse and keyboard as well as touch devices, which will be very useful for all the features of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office 2017 that we are going to see. Let's go on to list those functions.


1. Save to the cloud to free up more disk space

As you can see, choosing large files that you do not need on your disk and storing them in your server quota could not be easier with Acronis 2017. However, do not forget that it is always convenient, for this or other similar tasks, to have a connection of fiber…or a long time.


The limitation will always be in our connection, not in the program, which can take advantage of everything we have contracted at home to upload data, with three priority levels (low, normal and high).


We have put the service to the test by uploading 200 gigabytes of our data from a disk very similar to the one we analyze in this article, which have been absorbed without problems, constantly maintaining values ​​close to the maximum upload we have (50 megabytes).


Now we can continue with something else, Acronis will continue to the fullest with the task


And not only that, but (*) during the copy we have suffered a BSD (the dreaded blue screen, come on). No problem: we reselect the folder containing the 200 gigabytes of data after the restart, and the program continued where it had left off until it finished successfully. Great reliability and efficiency, we did not expect less.


2. Save entire disks or partitions

Perhaps this is the most useful function and the one that is usually given less importance than it is: that of making regular copies of our complete computers to avoid loss and re-installation of all programs. As you can see below it is just as simple.


3. Recover a PC or Mac that won't start

The function that will give us the most joy. To do this previously, in addition to having made a backup, we will have a rescue device configured at hand (a pen drive, for example)


We also have the possibility of pressing the F11 function key during startup and it will start the Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Home Office 2017 interface to recover our equipment.


4. Save our mobile and our Facebook wall

If we click on one of the first two options in the previous image, it will take us to an interface through our browser that will allow us to both save our mobile devices (without number limitation), save our Facebook wall or simply manage existing backups.


Also management through the web


If we click on the third option of the control panel, we will be given the possibility of using a QR code, which will install what is necessary to safeguard the information in the precious storage memory space of our mobile.


One last improvement over the previous version

To conclude, apart from everything already stated above, we were surprised that the version for a computer without cloud services is quite affordable. You can check it out in our offer below.


It is true that we are used to spending little on software, but if we think about it for a minute, how much would we pay for those photos and documents that we lost when that hard drive broke because of that old source or because of that silly drop in our brand new laptop?


How many hours did it take us to reinstall the entire system and all programs and games the last time a virus damaged the system? How much would you pay to save yourself all those inconveniences and inconveniences and the time invested in leaving everything as it was in a short time?



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