Thanks for choosing SOFTZONE.EU online store   Before you place an order, please, read all the terms.


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Important Information about This Legal Contract:
1.1 This Sale agreement is a contract between a customer and the on-line software store.
By making a purchase You confirm that:
1.1.1 The Customer have read all terms and conditions presented to him while purchasing;
1.1.2 The Customer accepts all information is true that was filled while ordering;
1.1.3 The Customer confirms that he/she is able to download software;
1.1.4 The Customer have read and learned the software requirements and its compatibility with his/her computer as well as with the OS;
1.1.5 The Customer has basic computer knowledge of how to use and download the software he/she ordered;
1.2 All terms and conditions of this agreement can change without further notice, except the terms presented on the site at the moment of making a purchase.

Information about software and other important issues:
2.1 All software products that we sell are downloadable only
2.2 You will be able to download software from a special link which will be provided after a successful order;
2.3 The software we sell may be packed into archives.To open them You need WinZip software ;
2.4 Kaspersky Lab software is in the English/Arabic language, other software brands come in English language with other languages may be available optionally.
2.5 Software can be registered on-line
2.6 You will receive online confirmation of registration.
2.7 You will never receive any CD/DVD, we neither sell cd`s nor ship them;

Privacy policy:

3.1 To serve your business needs in an efficient and effective manner, it is necessary for SOFTZONE.EU to know your name, email address, mailing address, and if applicable so that we can process and fulfill your orders expeditiously. To save your time, you can use our data-saving feature which would save you from completing the order form more than once.

We might request additional information from you. You may choose not to provide this additional information; although, some products and services might not be available to you unless you provide the additional information.

We might ask for information about your interests or feedback about our site or service so that we can tailor your business needs to improve our site and service. Providing us with this information is always optional.

In addition to the information we collect from you for processing and fulfilling your orders, we also monitor and track usage of our website, viewing and traffic patterns, customer behavior, and other similar information. We use such information as well as your personal information for internal business and administrative purposes including how to improve our website, our product and service offerings, our operations, and our customer service. We also might use your personal information from time to time to send you notices about special offers, new products, services, promotions, and other similar information.

Terms of Service: 
4.1 Our store reserves the right to refuse selling or providing service to anyone without any additional explanation.

Delivery of Software purchased in our Store:
5.1 The Client will receive an email notification (after a successful order) which contains all the necessary directions on how to get to the download area, how to get software downloaded and get it activated;
5.2 The order will be processed within 1 hour or less after the order has been placed. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after order placement, you should contact us and the Store will resend it to you if the transaction has not been declined by the billing agency. If your order has been unsuccessful – no money will be deducted from your Bank account.

Solving problems with software / contact info:
6.1 Please browse through the FAQ section for an answer before writing to our Support team
6.2 If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, please leave a message on the CONTACT US page (which contains only Your problem) (preferable method) or contact us by phone (you can see the contact information on the Store’s main page and Contact Us page) or write to us.

7.3 Support will only be provided if we do have a successful order proof.

Moneyback policy:
8.1. Refund can be issued in these cases:
– You have problems with installation and they can’t be solved by Support team during a long period of time;
– software can’t be downloaded due to technical problems;

8.2 Refund can be processed within one week, less processing fee(if applicable)
8.3 After having received a refund you must delete all software and files you received from our Store and our support team;
8.4 Refund will only be issued if we are provided with invoice you have got after a successful order.

Refund won’t be issued in the following cases:
– Client’s computer doesn’t support software that he ordered or doesn’t meet the minimal requirements ( please see point 1.1.4 );
– The user is unable to understand, install and utilize the software because of the lack of knowledge of the basic computer skills;